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Message :   NICE PAGE!
First Name :   Rudy
Date :   06/10/2006
Message :   The web is resourceful, good to cite
First Name :   Jacob David
Date :   2006
Message :   Wonderful and informative web site. I used information from that site its great.
First Name :   Cordelia Rose
Date :   not sure
Message :   You have pretty pictures. Its a very nice website!!! is also very cute.
First Name :   Free Kid Game
Date :   3/4/1985
Message :   Hi. Visted the site and its all very nice but regular update is super.
First Name :   Liverpool Hotel
Date :   3/4/1985
Message :   Very colourful site
First Name :   bcw
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Message :   good stuff
First Name :   Kitschy Kate
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Date :   01-19-2005
Message :   Hi Wonderful Wes! Im writing this from 3 computers down! Have a great day and enjoy Bye! - K.K.
First Name :   yourmama
URL :   ig
Date :   9/16/04
First Name :   Angela
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Date :   3/28/04
First Name :   wesley Lowe
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Comment :   Hi! I thought that your website was really interesting. I too am Wesley Lowe. my email address is: Bye for now Wes
First Name :   Uncle Doug
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First Name :   anthony
URL :   ladato
Comment :   i am sorry for what i said before. i am strongly diagnosed with terets syndrome and my doctor perscribed to me that i write down my feelings and my words to help cope with my handicap.he said in the future this could help. ball shit fuck! sorry for anyn i
First Name :   shamia grey
Comment :   your web site was very helpful for a paper i had to write
First Name :   Angie
URL :   ????
Comment :   Im Angie Lowe, and my husband is named Paul Wesley Lowe. Just searched it and found you. Are you and he related in any way? Just wondering....
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