Name :   Maurice
Comment :   very nice, reno. Ill come back when I can download and view everything. It goes real slow on my dial-up line. Please write me when you can.
Name :   callister
URL :   n/a
Comment :   A wonderful site thank you it gives one a insight to Canadians that lost there lives. My husband went to Vietnam adn right now we al fear of our grand children being drawn into a war no one wants hugz cally Australia
Name :   Misty038
URL :   
Comment :   I love the stuff related to the vets
Name :   xtremelywild1
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Comment :   great stuff reno . keep up the good work .
Name :   Retta Parker
URL :   
Name :   Lacie(Annette)
URL :   
Comment :   Hi Reno, I stopped to browse your amazing website. Its beautiful. I especially love the northern lights photos.
Name :   Gregg
URL :   
Comment :   Reno, Just wanted to let you know how wonderful i think your website is and all the awesome photos you have taken along ur journey.. its a pleasure meeting you this morning and allowing me to view this awesome site.. I thank you sir .. Gregg
Name :   Paul-sco
Comment :   what can i say !!! The Daddy of all sites and a great friend!!!
Name :   gh`
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Comment :   Wonderful site Reno!
Name :   Joy and megan Nielsen
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Comment :   Nice Picturess Bob!!
Name :   Crysta
URL :   
Comment :   Love all your beautiful pictures nice work :)
Name :   rita
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Comment :   Looking good Reno!!! Thanks for sharing....wonderfull pics... Hugs from your Dutch fans!!
Name :   Ed
URL :   
Comment :   Reno you have done a great job with the page and you are a tribute to all mankind. KEEP IT UP
Name :   coolbreeze
Comment :   This is the greatest site ever! I mean that reno, as I always say, your awesome! You know your stuff, and your popups, and tributes are wonderful, truely is a pleasure to visit here. And so nice to see all the popups by the original artist! Love ya
Name :   Dianne (Little Wormie )
URL :   
Comment :   Great website, Reno. Great pictures. Looks like a beautiful trip.
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