Name :   brad
URL :   tobusydrinkin
Comment :   photos are great
Name :   Pat (hpc91)
URL :   
Comment :   Hi Reno... let me just say... WOW! What an awesome website! I have it bookmarked now, and will be back to check it out some more.... Nice job, I love the pics of the Northern Lights!
Name :   Maggie aka LadyTBsRose
URL :   
Comment :   wow reno i cant believe it but you made it even better than last time. i loved the pics of yellowknife, your furbaby is most adorable, please give vegas an ear scratchin for me please. and omg i loved the animals of your area too smiles, tysm for having y
Name :   bluedtagon
URL :   1 and all adult friends
Comment :   reno nice site hope to see ya in chat soon
Name :   (OldDom)
URL :   
Comment :   Hey Reno those were out standing pics of the lights /great job !
Name :   Adele
URL :   
Comment :   awesome hun ... great job !!!
Name :   Retta Parker
URL :   
Comment :   Im glad to know you Reno !!
Name :   Maggie aka LadyTBsRose
URL :   1 and All Adult Friends
Comment :   He Reno, I have to say i am in Total amazement, what a totally awesome site, you have done a most wonderful job desplaying the beauty of candad, alaska and the northern lights. i loved your pop-up work, how cool. Thank you so much for sharing your site w
Name :   Mary Bullock
Comment :   I am seeing your photos again, in memory of your brother, Cherokee. You remind me so much of him and I have only a few photos. Also, my goal is to see the northern lights someday and I enjoyed taking the trip via your photographs. Thank you for your gen
Name :   Gilly
Comment :   What a great site!
Name :   Ann (piglet)
URL :   
Comment :   wonderful pictures Reno thankyou for sharing them with me.
Name :   Kiran Patrick
Comment :   Excellent work, nice pictures. Very nice to see someone taking so much interest and pain on such an intresting subject. great work!!
Name :   Makenzie Paulette
Comment :   You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it.
Name :   Lynda Spooner (beemerlover)
URL :   
Comment :   gosh, when you said you had snow, you werent kidding!
Name :   lesley8
URL :   
Comment :   what a good website i enjoyed looking through this thankyou for letting me look
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